IMO number : 9133513

Name of ship : TARANTO

Gross tonnage : 2061

DWT : 3005

Type of ship : General Cargo

Ship Year of build : 1995

Date of arrival: 6 January 2015

Date of departure: 28 January 2015

TARANTO vessel was accommodated in our Floating dock No.2 to be carried out:

  • standard dock works – washing, blasting, hull painting, taking measurements on the propeller-rudder system
  • cargo hold, grain bulkheads and hatch covers treatment – HP water washing, blasting and painting
  • repair of the hatch covers, reconditioning of the running wheels, hinges and packing rubber replacement
  • repair of cavitated areas of the propeller and balancing

The repair was completed on time and within the budget and TARANTO is back in service.