Professional solutions

facing the difficulties


Thanks to our experienced engineers and skilled workers, our knowledge gained during our 59 years history, that we plan adequate schedule for repair implementation, we hereby confidently state timely delivery of our quality repair services.

Our full service and yard’s facilities fully meet our customer requirements.

We are able to repair and make good any damage so that the vessels to be seaworthy and with clear certificates in short time, within the budget limits and in optimum operating condition.

Our strong skilled workforce is ready to respond at any time on a client request.


We have very rich experience with any kind of conversion projects including (but not limited to) steel, piping, machinery, propulsion, re-engineering, retrofitting, etc. Therefore we are able to design, engineer and execute all kinds of conversion jobs.

Our strength lies in engineering, craftsmanship and project management. We have experience and are capable to carry out conversion of barges, jack up and other offshore rigs. We are at your service for advice, engineering and price calculations.

conversion at odessos