Project info:

Date of arrival: 14 May 2015

Date of departure: 25 May 2015

Vessel’s name: Neptune Okeanis

Vessel’s type: Vehicles Carrier

Gross tonnage: 27 788

Lenght x Breadth: 164,4 m x 26,23 m

Year built: 2004

Tasks performed for this project:

  • standard dry docking jobs
  • advanced fouling control coating with high solids content applying
  • survey works, overhaul and refit

Project requirements: steel repairs, pipe renewals, grit-blasting, electrical maintenance, mechanical repairs.

The project:

  • standard drydock works including rudder and tailshaft service
  • underwater area blasting, preparation and coating including:
  1. propeller and other equipment protection, e.g. ICCP, anodes, speed log, echo sounder
  2. thruster propeller protection
  3. waterline protection by plastic sheet before silicon paint
  4. drydock floor cleaned, washed for silicone paint scheme application
  5. new paint spray nozzles, filters, hose pipes and swivel connection for silicon paints’ application
  6. partial blasting, protection by steel sheet of silicone area not to be blasted
  • extensive side shell works
  • natural ventilation grids and flaps: overhaul, blasting, hot dip galvanizing, painting. Steel renewals.
  • bow and stern thruster’s overhaul
  • cargo ramps repair and modication
  • life boat surveys and certification

Odessos Shiprepair Yard successfully completed the required project’s jobs on time and within the budget. The owner was satisfied with the quality of work undertaken.