Project info:

Date of arrival: 28 July 2015

Date of departure: 10 August 2015

Vessel’s name: M/V Neptune Iliad

Vessel’s type: Vehicles carrier

Gross Tonnage: 36825

Deadweight: 11409 t

Length x Breadth: 170 x 29 m

Year built: 2010

Tasks performed for this project:

  • standard dry docking jobs
  • advanced fouling control coating with high solids content applying
  • survey works, overhaul and refit

Project requirements: standard drydock works and fouling control coating with high solids content applying (silicon paint application).

The project: Odessos Shiprepair Yard S.A. accommodated for repair and maintenance the vehicles carrier Neptune Iliad. The vessel was docked at our Floating dock No.3 and standard drydock jobs were carried out. In addition steel, mechanical and pipeline modifications were done. Re-bushing of the stern ramp hinges was done in situ, including boring of the bush seats.

The project was completed on time and within budget and Neptune Iliad went straight back into service on schedule. The ship sailed repaired and newly painted with portrayed eyes. Fair winds!