Project info:

Date of arrival: 1 October 2015

Date of departure: 23 November 2015

Vessel’s name: M/V CROWN EMMA

Vessel’s type: Refrigerated Cargo Ship

Deadweight: 10351 t

Length x Breadth: 151,99 x 23 m

Year built: 1996

Tasks performed for this project:

  • standard drydock works – including main deck blasting and painting
  • repair of main and auxiliary engines and reconditioning of details
  • container upgrade
  • survey works, overhaul and refit

Our longtime, over 18 years, client Holly House Shipping, choose to return to Odessos Shiprepair Yard for repair work to ‘CROWN EMMA’. She was drydocked for painting programme, repair works and extensive upgrades.

Works carried out on the Crown Emma were not the regular type. The Shipyard handled the repairs very professionally, they delivered on their promise.
We appreciate their efforts in sorting out the issue of permanent ballast which saved a lot of extra costs. The container upgrade was carried out timely and accurately. The overhauling of generators were done with a very high degree of perfection. We believe that it was worth to go to Odessos for the repairs on Crown Emma.

Sam Sarangi

Technical Superintendent, Holy House Shipping AB


1. Standard drydock works – including main deck blasting and painting

2. Repair of main and auxiliary engines and reconditioning of details:

  • ME cylinder covers o-ring grooves reconditioning
  • ME exhaust valves reconditioning sealing surfaces
  • ME new cast iron exhaust valve drive gear fabrication
  • ME cooling jacket o-ring grooves reconditioning
  • AE crankshaft replacement
  • AE main bearing housing boring in workshop
  • AE pistons channels reconditioning

3. Repair different pumps, el.motors, heat exchangers

4. Carpentry insulation works in cargo holds

5. Partly renewal of DBT tanktops

6. Container upgrade:

  • Fitting additional supports on main deck i.w.o. container sockets
  • Filling 550t solid ballast (concrete) in double water tanks

Container supports on deck are being pre-fabricated at Odessos Shipyard according to the owner’s supply drawing. The elements are positioned on board by means of a crane, afterwards fitting and welding teams installed the elements on deck. The scope of work is limited to the cutting welding and grinding works. Meaning that the elements (which are shop primed) after installation needed to be painted by our shipyard. Attention was paid to towards freeing-ports, they need to be of sufficient dimensions. Underdeck inspection covers within the insulation were opened by Carpenter services, in order to monitor welding works on deck closely.

Installation of reinforcements in hatch-cover 4

The reinforcements within the hatch-covers are executed according drawing. Elements are being pre-fabricated and installed by our shipyard. Carpenter services executed all insulation work, removal and installation.

Installation of solid ballast

In order to improve vessel’s stability solid ballast (concrete) is applied in DBT WB №2 P&S. Before installation commenced the suction bell mouths inside DBT WB needed to be removed and blind flanges needed to be installed.