Project info:

  • Date of arrival: 19 November 2016
  • Date of departure: 08 January 2017
  • Vessel’s name: M/V ANNA G
  • Vessel’s type: Cargo ship
  • Gross Tonnage: 3992
  • Deadweight: 5330 t
  • Length x Breadth: 101,15 x 18,2 m
  • Year built: 1994

Tasks performed for this project:

  • Standard drydock works – hull treatment, anchors/chains, anodes, etc.
  • Rudder, propeller and tailshaft maintenance
  • Pipe repair and maintenance
  • Repairs of hull damages

We are glad that we were able to finish the project successfully and on schedule in a compliance with the owner requirements. We wish fair winds to m/v ANNA G.


Standard dry dock works

  • Washing, blasting and hull painting
  • Taking measurements on the propeller-rudder system
  • Propeller polishing
  • Bow-thruster propeller cleaning and polishing
  • Hull cathodic protection renewal
  • Anchor, anchor chain and chain locker maintenance

Rudder, propeller and tailshaft

  • Rudder: measurement of clearances, rudder flap clearance measuring,  plug removal and refitting of rudder blade drain and vacuum test
  • Propeller, tailshaft: remove/refit rope guard including staging, measurements of clearances, polishing of propeller and bow truster

Pipe repairs and maintenance

  • Threads and cups of sounding pipes renewal
  • CR air conditioner pipes maintenance, modification of CuNiFe pipes
  • Renewal of AC room drain PVC pipes

Hull damage repair

  • Shell plaiting: straight, single and double shell plates replacement
  • Forepeak tank renewal of frames
  • Renewal of o parts in the DBTs

Other repair works

  • Magger test, SW filters removal, maintenance and refitting, repair of lightening, air valve blocks repair